TRU General Election Endorsements

October 10, 2019

First of all: Whatever else you do in this election, VOTE NO ON I-976! We can’t let Tim Eyman gut transit funding around the state. On October 7, TRU’s lead organizer Matthew Lang testified in support of a city resolution opposing I-976, with Eyman there speaking against. Learn more and sign up to volunteer:

At our September Membership Meeting, TRU made the following endorsements for Seattle City Council, King County Council, and SeaTac City Council. By the way, all of these Seattle and King County candidates (and many of their opponents) have endorsed ORCA for All!

Lisa Herbold for Seattle District 1

Councilmember Lisa Herbold has been a champion for progressive citywide policies as well as for her district. She led on bold efforts to reform our upside-down tax system, leading to an unanimous vote for the first income tax to pass in our state in over 80 years — which is looking promising as it moves toward the State Supreme Court! Lisa is a dedicated public servant, a smart and effective leader, and a strong ally to grassroots movements and groups like TRU. Vote for Herbold for District 1!

Tammy Morales for Seattle District 2

Ever since Tammy Morales came within a few hundred votes of representing District 2 in 2015, she has been doing the work. From organizing with Southeast Seattle community groups to serving on the Seattle Human Rights Commission, Tammy has demonstrated that she will show up and represent marginalized communities in District 2 and throughout the city. We know she’ll be a strong voice for workers’ rights, racial equity, and environmental justice. Tammy has also been a strong ally to TRU and the Trump-Proof Seattle and Housing For All Coalitions, and we are proud to endorse her campaign for District 2!

Kshama Sawant for Seattle District 3

Since she was first elected in 2013, Kshama Sawant has been a steadfast champion for working and poor people, and for fare-free mass transit. An unapologetic voice for socialism, she has used her council seat to open up new political possibilities not just in Seattle but across the country. Amazon and the Chamber of Commerce would love for this to be Kshama’s last term on the council. Let’s make sure they don’t get their wish.

Shaun Scott for Seattle District 4

Shaun Scott is a Democratic Socialist running on a platform including a Seattle Green New Deal, public housing, and a fair tax code. If elected, we believe Shaun will be an effective driver of progressive policies, including expanding mass transit and making fares affordable or free for all. We know he’ll be a strong ally to grassroots organizations like TRU. This could be one of the most consequential races this election. Vote Shaun Scott for District 4!

Debora Juarez for Seattle District 5

Councilmember Debora Juarez has been a strong advocate for expanding public transit and multimodal transportation, and we appreciate that — even if TRU hasn’t always seen eye to eye with her on all issues. Her opponent in this race is a Speak Out Seattle candidate who wants to step up the sweeps, round up homeless people and store them in massive warehouses. It’s a very, vey bad idea. If you live in District 5, please help make sure Debora Juarez wins another term!

Dan Strauss for Seattle District 6

Dan Strauss is a lifelong Ballard resident with deep connections in District 6, as well as knowledge of how City Hall works gained through his position as a legislative aide for Councilmember Bagshaw. We think Dan has progressive values and a strong understanding of the homelessness and housing crisis. As a council member we think he can push back against harmful narratives and policies that are hurting people and only making the problem worse. Vote Dan Strauss for District 6!

Andrew Lewis for Seattle District 7

District 7 spans the income spectrum, from well-off homeowners in Magnolia and Upper Queen Anne to low-income renters (and many people living without homes) in Downtown, Belltown and Uptown. It also includes powerful downtown business and developer interests as well as thousands of low-wage workers. We think Andrew Lewis will be able to manage these competing demands and serve as a strong advocate for low-income residents and workers in his district and citywide. Vote for Andrew Lewis for District 7!

Girmay Zahilay for King County District 2

As a child of refugees who grew up in South Seattle, Zahilay has deep roots in the community and personal experience of the challenges many District 2 residents are facing. As an attorney and the founder of a non-profit that mentors at-risk youth, he’s demonstrated his abilities and dedication. He has also taken a stronger position against youth incarceration than any of the sitting councilmembers. TRU has worked closely with Councilmember Larry Gossett over the years and we have deep respect and appreciation for his long public service. But this year, we think District 2 will be best served by electing Girmay Zahilay!

Abigail Doerr for King County District 4

We don’t need to take Abigail Doerr’s word for it that she will fight hard for public transit and environmental justice; she’s already proved it by running vital ballot measures to fund transit service and infrastructure, as well as the hard-fought carbon fee Initiative 1631 last year. Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles has been strong on transit issues, and she did a courageous thing when she flipped her position on the lodging tax last year. But we believe Abigail has the much-needed energy and initiative to make big waves on the King County Council, and we love her transit platform. Vote Abigail Doerr for King County District 4!

Takele Gobena for SeaTac Position 5

Takele Gobena is a Ethiopian-American immigrant, a former airport worker, a union representative and community organizer in SeaTac. He cofounded the SeaTac Community Coalition to fight against gentrification and displacement of immigrant-owned small businesses. Now he’s running for SeaTac City Council to give immigrants, working families and low-income residents a voice in City Hall. Vote Takele Gobena for SeaTac Position 5!

Liza Rankin for Seattle School Board Director District 1

Liza Rankin is a strong advocate for public education who is running to make Seattle Public Schools more equitable. She recognizes the transportation challenges that students, parents, and educators face every day in getting to school and work, and she is committed to making sure that everyone has transportation options that are as sustainable and reliable as possible. Vote Lisa Rankin for Seattle School Board!

Chanan Suarez for Bellingham City Council Ward 5

Chanan Suarez is a Democratic Socialist running for Bellingham City Council on a platform that includes free, accessible, expanded public transit for all! We love the idea of free transit and are proud to support this candidate who is furthering the cause in Bellingham. Suarez also has a strong housing and homelessness platform, and understands how affordable housing and transit must go hand in hand. Vote Chanan Suarez!

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