TRU supporting Uber drivers’ right to organize!

Showing solidarity with allied causes and organizations is one of TRU’s most important functions.

In 2015 we mobilized to stand with Macy’s workers, public school teachers, Amazon security officers, Uber drivers, janitors, UW workers, nurses, homeless people, low-income tenants, immigrants, Keystone Pipeline activists, & the Black Lives Matter movement among others!


Marching in solidarity with immigrants and workers on May Day

We’re not just transit riders. People who ride and rely on public transit are also low-wage workers, retirees, caregivers, patients, students, teachers, immigrants, and much more. When there’s a shortage of affordable housing, that affects us. When it’s hard to get access to quality medical care, that affects us. When corporations depress workers’ living standards and violate their rights, that affects us. When getting an education leads to insurmountable debt, that affects us.


Justice for Janitors!


Standing up for nurses and patients

We know we can’t win an affordable world-class public transit system without being part of a broader movement for radical economic and social change. We can only build an effective movement together!

Then we joined a picket in solidarity with Macy's workers!

Solidarity with Macy’s workers fighting for a fair contract!


Solidarity with grocery workers in 11th hour contract negotiations


Shell No!