3 thoughts on “Trump-Proof Seattle Campaign Website

  1. Debbie

    Please do not try to impose a tax in Seattle – most of us cannot afford to live here now and we are being pushed out. Yes $200,000 annual income only sounds great but it won’t stop there and some people that make amount are supporting extended family members. This city is becoming less attractive to new business and existing businesses daily. I do not support Trump but I don’t support this either.

    1. Scott

      Thanks for your comment. I agree, Seattle is too expensive to live for many people. One of the biggest reasons is that we fund much of our essential social services by taxing poor and working people with sales and property taxes. Our proposed tax is taking a step away from such measures, and toward taxing those who have seen their share of the tax go down even as their wealth has increased. In Seattle, it would affect the only the top 5-10% of households, many of whom hold progressive values and would be willing to pay. If big businessmen find paying their fair share less attractive, then let them go to another state where the citizens will let them walk all over them and and make rosy promises about ‘creating jobs’. This will only make Seattle more affordable. In this city we have standards, and we need to set an example for other cities and states, so that the wealthy tax-dodgers have no where else to run and are force to pay their share everywhere.

  2. Anonymous

    I support a tax on individuals or families that make over a million per year, we have plenty! However, $200k per year is not wealthy…it’s hard working (most have over 100k in student loans). We already pay our fair share in fact I’m shocked the only *solution* seems to be increased taxes. Come up with a new solution because taxes go up EVERY year and it’s getting ridiculous.

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