Trump-proof Seattle Day of Action: Wednesday, March 1st

February 12, 2017

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The Transit Riders Union is helping to build a coalition of community, labor, environmental, and social justice organizations to push for a 2.5% tax on the unearned income (capital gains, interest, dividends) of wealthy Seattle households that make over a quarter million dollars per year. This could raise $100 million dollars per year to help strengthen our communities and defend against Trump, and pave the way to fixing our state’s unjust tax system, the #1 most regressive in the nation.

We are planning a Day of Action for Wednesday, March 1st – including  an event at City Hall in Council Chambers, 12:00 – 1:00 PM; a letter delivery; and phone calls to elected officials.

More details to come soon! In the meantime, you can learn more on our resources page here.

4 thoughts on “Trump-proof Seattle Day of Action: Wednesday, March 1st

  1. Anonymous

    Irresponsible is a compliment. Seattle is already overpriced and severely gentrified. $200,000 a year IS NOT wealthy and another hike in property taxes may make some hardworking families (like mine) HOMELESS! NO to income tax, NO to another property tax hike! No, No, No! It’s not worth defending sanctuary status if you force families into HOMELESSNESS!

    1. Scott

      This proposed tax will not force anyone into homelessness. It is not a property tax, but a small tax on unearned income for those who are rich enough to afford it. It is in the interests of working people and poor people, and is supported by those well-to-do who have a sense of social responsibility and decency.

  2. Anonymous

    The AVERAGE home price in Seattle is $608,000! 1 mil plus a year is wealthy…NOT $200,000. We are facing deep cits in social services, a possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act and increased Federal taxes. NO INCOME TAX IN WASHINGTON & NO MORE GOUGING OF HOMEOWNERS!!!

    1. Scott

      In Seattle, $200,000 is the top 5-10% of income. The tax we are proposing would only apply to ‘unearned income’, such as that which comes from interest, dividends etc. For those few people who make over $200,000 by actually working for it, their incomes would remain untouched. We agree that homeowners already pay to much in taxes. This tax is designed to decrease reliance on such taxes, and tax those who are actually causing gentrification and making Seattle unaffordable for working people.

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