Raise the Wage Burien goes to City Council

May 18, 2023

Monday night, we delivered a coalition letter and a petition signed by hundreds of Burien residents, workers, and community leaders to the Burien City Council, urging them to raise the minimum wage to match neighboring cities like SeaTac, Tukwila, and Seattle. The public comment period was packed with testimony about why passing this legislation is urgent. Here’s what Olivia had to say:

“I’m 19 and I’ve lived in Burien for about ten years. I graduated from a local high school and I’m currently a fast food employee. I’m lucky enough that I’m able to stay with my mom and help out when I can but currently I can only pay a quarter of the $2,000 we pay for rent. I help with groceries and gas, and even with two sources of income we’re having trouble trying to make ends meet. We make too little to go on trips or visit family, but we make too much to apply for certain financial aids for college. I’m having to look for work outside of Burien just so I can help out more in my household. Please see the need that Burien workers are sharing with you and raise the wage!”

Supporters shared stories about how hard it is to miss your children’s school functions because you have to work multiple jobs to pay the bills. About how low wages force families to move, impacting their kids’ well-being and education. About how raising the minimum wage will level the playing field for employers who want to do the right thing.

Let’s make Burien the fourth city in King County to raise the wage! Now we’re waiting for the council to put this topic on the agenda & direct staff to start drawing up legislation — stay tuned for next steps, sign and share our petition with anyone you know who lives or works in Burien!

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