Midnight March for Metro: Saturday, April 6

March 15, 2013

None of the local options bills were voted on in the house before the Wednesday cut-off, but they’re not dead yet.  They’ve been classified as necessary to implement the budget (NTIB), which means they’ll stay alive until the end of the session in late April. That makes early April the perfect time to show the state legislature how critical transit funding is. What can you do?  Join us on the night of Saturday, April 6 for a…

Midnight March for Metro! County Councilmember Larry Phillips will be joining the Magnolia Transit Riders and the Transit Riders Union to walk the route his constituents have to trudge home when they miss the last bus to their neighborhood. The other Councilmembers, County Executive and the state reps for that district have been invited too, and we need you to join us! Here are the details:

Place: 1541 15thAvenue W, in front of Staples at the foot of the Magnolia Bridge.
Meeting Time: 11:00 pm for speeches and rally
March Time: 11:30 pm; we expect the walk to take about 45 minutes
End Point: Magnolia Village Pub, 3221 W. McGraw St.

We’re working on arranging carpools for participants who don’t live in Magnolia. Mark your calendar and stay tuned.

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