Free ORCA Passes for Public School Students

It's illegal to not go to school, why isn't it illegal to not give kids a way to get there? Currently, only high and middle school students who live more than 2 miles from their school are eligible for a free ORCA pass subsidized by the Seattle Public Schools. Not only is four or more miles (the distance is measured “as the crow flies”) a long way to walk to and from school, often there is no safe route to walk, due to dangerous traffic or neighborhoods.

Since 2011, Metro fares for youth have risen from $0.75 to $1.25 and now to $1.50, or $54 for a monthly pass. This is not affordable for low-income families. It’s time for our city to provide free transportation for all students to get to school! The Transit Riders Union is working with students, teachers and staff at Rainier Beach High School and other schools to urge the city to act. We need your help! Please sign the petition. If you include your email address and/or phone number, we will keep you informed about this and other campaigns.