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Want to get involved in TRU’s campaign to pass Proposition 1 and save Seattle’s bus service?  We’ll need your help to get out the vote in October.  Email

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Vote YES on Seattle Transportation Benefit District Proposition 1

On July 17 the Seattle City Council, acting as the Seattle Transportation Benefit District Governing Board, voted unanimously to place a measure on the November ballot that would preserve most bus service in the city of Seattle and on some intercity routes by means of a 0.1% sales tax increase and a $60 vehicle license fee.

The Transit Riders Union urges a YES vote on Seattle’s ballot measure to save transit. Thousands of Seattle and King County residents depend on Metro buses every day, and we cannot afford to lose our service.

At the same time, this is not a solution. The proposed measure pushes the burden of funding public transit further onto working and poor people, leaves transit riders in the lurch throughout the rest of King County, and contributes to the fragmentation of what should be a unified regional mass transit system. Continue reading

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Take Action for Progressive Metro Funding

This month the Seattle City Council, acting as a Transportation Benefit District, will be voting on a proposal to prevent cuts to Seattle’s Metro service. Mayor Murray has proposed “Prop 1 for Seattle” – but whereas the county had no better options, Seattle does. Councilmembers Sawant and Licata are putting forward an amendment to make the Mayor’s proposal more progressive.  The vote may take place as early as this Thursday.

Please come to City Hall council chambers this Thursday to show support for transit and speak out for this amendment – and if you can’t make it, please email the councilmembers.

2:00 PM, Thursday, July 10
Transportation Benefit District Meeting
Seattle City Hall, Council Chambers
600 4th Avenue

Please email and call your elected representatives and urge them to support Sawant and Licata’s proposal to remove the sales tax increase and replace it with a tax on businesses.

Tom Rasmussen          206-684-8808

Sally Bagshaw                   206-684-8801

Tim Burgess                           206-684-8806

Sally Clark                                    206-684-8802

Jean Godden                      206-684-8807

Bruce Harrell                       206-684-8804

Mike O’Brien                       206-684-8800

Why Progressive Funding? Continue reading

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TRU Marches Again!

TRU took it to the streets today for a mini-march with our ‘dead bus’.  Remember, rally Thursday 6/26 4:00 PM at City Hall!  Public hearing in City Council chambers begins at 5:30 PM.  Can you help with publicity? Print a poster or some flyers to post at your bus stops or hand out to fellow riders on your routes.


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Rally for Public Transit!

Mobility is a human right.  Public transit is basic infrastructure.  Let’s rally to send a message to all our elected leaders that we can’t wait any longer for a fully-funded public mass transit system, affordable and accessible to all! Facebook Event Page.

Fund Metro Now!
Transit Riders Union Rally & Press Conference

Thursday, June 26:  4:00 – 5:00 PM
600 4th Avenue, outside Seattle City Hall

Following this rally there will be a Public Hearing at City Hall of the Seattle Transportation Benefit District, concerning a possible November 2014 ballot measure to raise funding to save Seattle’s bus service.  TRU and allies will be there to testify in support of city action & specifically to support the amendment to the Mayor’s proposal put forward by Councilmembers Sawant and Licata.  Come testify in support of progressive transit funding!

Public Hearing
Seattle Transportation Benefit District
Thursday, June 26: 5:30 – 8:00 PM
City Hall, Council Chambers
600 4th Avenue, Seattle

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New TRU Mailing Address

The Transit Riders Union has a new mailing address:

Transit Riders Union
P.O. Box 20723
Seattle, WA 98102

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Proposal to Maintain Metro: Press Conference 5/19/14

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