Transit Riders, Unite!

RFAMarch_Marching3The Transit Riders Union is an independent, democratic, member-run union of transit riders organizing for better public transit in Seattle, King County and beyond. We won a low income fare! You can read about our current projects and campaigns below. Our strength lies in numbers and organization. Join TRU and fight for the future of public transit!

Take Action! This fall, the Transit Riders Union is urging Seattle City Council to take action on two very important issues, and we need your help. Read more and sign the petitions here:

PETITION: Free ORCA Passes for public school students

PETITION: An Employee Hours Tax for public transit

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Seattle General Election Endorsements

The Transit Riders Union has endorsed candidates in five of the nine races for Seattle City Council. Here are our endorsements! And you’re invited to our kickoff party on Monday, September 28th!

The short version:

Seattle District 1: Lisa Herbold
Seattle District 3: Kshama Sawant
Seattle District 4: Michael Maddux
Seattle District 6: Mike O’Brien
Seattle Citywide Position 8: Jon Grant
Transportation Levy to Move Seattle: YES

The long version:

This fall, all nine seats on the Seattle City Council are up for election. With the debut of Seattle’s new district system, everyone will get to vote for three councilmembers: one to represent their district (1 through 7), and two to fill the city-wide positions (8 and 9).

We have a chance to elect a kick-ass city council this fall – the most progressive, diverse, responsive city council Seattle has ever seen, in fact. But the stakes are high. Continue reading

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The Metro Fare


Metro Fare is a weekly comic based on local bus stories. Got a funny Metro experience you’d like to share? Visit to send it in for a ‘toon up.’

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Meet the Candidates! Election Party: Monday, September 28

This fall, TRU is campaigning to elect the most progressive city council Seattle has ever seen! We’ve endorsed candidates who we believe will represent us and deliver on issues such as better public transit, affordable housing, police accountability and ending homelessness – rather than acting in the interests of big money. We’re also encouraging a YES vote on the Move Seattle levy. You’re invited to our kick-off party! Come meet & hear from the candidates, talk about the upcoming elections, and sign up to volunteer with TRU if you like. And, there will be cookies! RSVP not necessary, but appreciated – scroll down and fill out the form to let us know you’re coming.

TRU Fall Election Campaign Party
Monday, September 28
7:00 – 10:00 PM
Owl & Thistle Pub
808 Post Ave., Seattle 98104
(Between Marion St. & Columbia St., one block west of 1st Ave, near Pioneer Square)

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Fall Election Campaign Party RSVP & Volunteer Sign-Up

Join us at the Owl & Thistle on Monday, September 28, to meet and hear from candidates TRU has endorsed and get pumped up for the elections! This social event will kick off our campaigning in the fall elections for Seattle City Council and ballot measures such as the Move Seattle levy.
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Fall 2015 Transit Reader Newsletter is Launched

The latest issue of the Transit Reader, TRU’s official newsletter, is out! Can you distribute copies on your buses or leave some at your neighborhood coffee shops or library branch? Email us at or leave a message at 206-651-4282 and we’ll figure out how to get you some copies.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 3.15.00 PM

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Public School Students March for Free Transit Passes

What a crowd!

What a crowd! Filling the steps of City Hall.

On July 31, public school students from Rainier Beach High School and other schools in Seattle marched from SPS Headquarters to City Hall to draw attention to the transportation challenges they face and to call for free ORCA passes for all public school students.

The march proceeds from SPS Headquarters in SODO and heads downtown.

Beginning from SPS Headquarters in SODO, the march headed towards downtown.

Currently, only high school students who live more than 2.5 miles from their school are eligible for a free ORCA pass subsidized by the school district. The distance cut-off for middle schoolers is 2.0 miles. Not only is five or more miles (the distance is measured “as the crow flies”) a long way to walk to and from school, often there is no safe route to walk, due to dangerous traffic or neighborhoods.

It's illegal to not go to school, why isn't it illegal to not give kids a way to get there?

It’s illegal to not go to school, why isn’t it illegal to not give kids a way to get there?

Since 2011, Metro fares for youth have risen from $0.75 to $1.25 and now to $1.50, or $54 for a monthly pass. This is not affordable for low-income families. It’s time for our city to provide free transportation for all students to get to school! Continue reading

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Don’t Miss the Voting Extravaganza, July 27 & 28!

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 3.23.28 PMPrimary ballots are here! If you’re a registered voter, you should have gotten yours in the mail already. Now, you just have to remember to cast your vote (take a look at TRU’s endorsements!) and get your ballot in the mail or to a dropbox by August 4.

But why vote alone when you can join in TRU’s two-night Voting Extravaganza?? Bring yourself & your ballot, schmooze with the candidates, enjoy drink specials, and hear some comedy from stand-up comedian and local political commentator Brett Hamil (check out his take on the Dist. 3 race here!).

Plus, stamps are expensive these days. We’ll have a box for ballots if you want us to take yours to the dropbox for you, and some stamps if you prefer to put it in the mail yourself. So come, bring your friends, and above all don’t forget to vote!!  Details above and below, you can RSVP on Facebook.

TRU Voting Extravaganza Day #1
Monday, July 27, 7:00 PM – close
@ Neighbor Lady Bar, 2308 E. Union St.

TRU Voting Extravaganza Day #2
Tuesday, July 28, 7:00 – 10:00 PM
@ Vermillion Bar, 1508 11th Ave

One more note on why voting by August 4 is so important. Turnout in primary elections tends to be very low, especially in odd years – as low as 25% of registered voters have actually voted in primaries in King County in recent years. A few of these primary races could come down to extremely thin margins. Your vote really counts!!!

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Stuck in a Jam

Check out the trailer for this new documentary from Undrgrnd Productions about traffic and transit in Seattle! It should be out in August, so stay tuned for a public screening.

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