TRU Membership Application

Fill out the form below to apply to become a member of the Transit Riders Union.  If you have any questions, or difficulties, send an e-mail to and we’ll help you out.

The Transit Riders Union is a democratic membership organization. Members of the Transit Riders Union are the Transit Riders Union. We make all the crucial decisions about how our Union works and what it does. Members who want to get more involved can become organizers, working together to carry out TRU campaigns and projects.

Members have the right to attend and vote at Members Meetings. At these monthly meetings we share reports on what the TRU has been doing, and we make proposals and debate and decide what to do next. Members also elect our own officers, who are charged with representing the TRU and making decisions in between Members Meetings. Officers and organizers report on their activities at every Members Meeting, and the membership has the power to reverse any of their decisions.