ORCA for All Campaign Launch

Join us for the launch of a new campaign called ORCA for All!

Wednesday, September 11
6:00—8:00 PM
SEIU 775 Auditorium
215 Columbia St.

(We will likely be using the wheelchair-accessible entrance on 3rd Ave south of Columbia as our main entrance.)

ORCA for All envisions a near future when every resident and every worker in Seattle and King County has an unlimited transit pass in hand.

Mobility is a human right. Transportation connects people to housing, shelter, jobs, food, healthcare, education, friends and family, cultural and faith communities, recreation and civic life— all the things humans need to live with dignity and to flourish. For the many who depend on public transit, especially in low-income communities and communities of color, access to a robust public transit system is both a need and a right.

Climate crisis demands urgent action. Half of Seattle’s rising carbon emissions come from passenger transportation. Over half of commute trips in our city are still made by driving alone. A rapid shift towards low-carbon modes of transportation, notably public transit, is needed to avert climate catastrophe.

Living up to these principles will require aggressive investment in infrastructure for transit, biking, walking and rolling; expansion of transit service that is frequent, reliable, fast, and runs 24 hours a day; new disincentives to driving alone; and massively more affordable housing to halt the suburbanization of poverty and shorten the distances people must travel to meet their needs.

But another, equally vital piece of the puzzle is ensuring that all people are enabled, encouraged, and incentivized to use our public transit system. We are calling on employers, governments, and individuals to all do their part.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2126775634291473/

215 Columbia St. 98101