The Transit Riders Union has a sliding-scale dues schedule, details below. If you have a PayPal account, or want to create one now, you can sign up to pay monthly dues here:

$20 Monthly Dues $10 Monthly Dues $5 Monthly Dues

If you would like to pay your quarterly or annual dues all at once, or choose a monthly amount different from the options above, you can do that here. (If you are setting up a recurring payment, make sure to check the box!)

If you don’t use PayPal but would like to pay by credit card please contact our Treasurer, Sam, at sam@transitriders.org. Checks can be sent to Transit Riders Union, P.O. Box 20723, Seattle, WA 98102. You can pay in person with cash, check, or credit card at TRU’s monthly Membership Meeting.

Dues Schedule

This income scale is meant as a guideline. For instance, a single person making $1000/month may nonetheless choose to pay regular or maximum dues, while a parent supporting children and making $2000/month may pay minimum dues. Please honor the contributions of all TRU members by selecting the dues level most appropriate to your income and situation.

        Amount                  Income Guidelines

    • $20/month            Over $3000/month
    • $10/month            $1500 to $3000/month
    • $5/month               Under $1500/month

Members making under $750/month and for whom payment of minimum dues would result in severe hardship may pay nominal dues of $1/month in cash or by check.

According to TRU’s current Membership Policy, lapsed members may return to good standing either by paying back dues or by paying a re-initiation fee of $10 and then resuming dues payments.