Trump-Proof Seattle District 4 Town Hall with Rob Johnson

Join us for a Town Hall Forum with District 4 Councilmember Rob Johnson on Thursday, March 23rd at the University Heights Center. Help us show Councilmember Johnson that Seattle residents expect our city to take the lead in challenging Washington State’s unjust tax system, and that we support taxing wealthly households to protect our communities against Trump!

The program will include a presentation, speakers from organizations that have endorsed this campaign, and public comment.

This Town Hall is sponsored by the District 4 Neighborhood Action Council, 350 Seattle, and the Transit Riders Union.

Day of Action! Trump-proof Seattle Campaign goes to City Hall

Join us for an event at Seattle City Hall in Council Chambers, 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 1st! We need your help to demonstrate to our elected officials without a shadow of a doubt that Seattle residents want and expect our city to take the lead in challenging Washington State’s unfair tax system, and that we support new progressive revenue to protect our communities against Trump!

Thank you to Councilmember Lisa Herbold for sponsoring this event. The program will include a presentation about the proposed measure, and speakers from organizations that have endorsed this campaign.

Afterwards we will be delivering a coalition letter to Mayor Murray.

If you can’t make it to City Hall, PLEASE CALL your district councilmember and the two city-wide councilmembers that same day. (Soon we will have a form set up on TRU’s website where you can sign up to make calls, so that we can send you talking points and phone numbers in advance.)

The Transit Riders Union is helping to build a coalition of community, labor, environmental, and social justice organizations to pass a 2.5% tax on the unearned income (capital gains, interest, dividends) of wealthy Seattle households that make over a quarter million dollars per year. We expect this to raise around $100 million dollars per year in the City of Seattle.

Once passed we expect this measure to be legally challenged, probably by the Freedom Foundation, and to end up at the Washington State Supreme Court, giving that court the opportunity to reverse two archaic 1930s decisions that disallowed a progressive income tax in Washington State. It is expected that today’s progressive court will rule in our favor, thus opening the way for other municipalities to pass similar measures and for a statewide effort. Let’s make history!

You can read more and sign up to volunteer here:

Trump-Proof Seattle! Tax The Rich: Action Meeting

Now is the time to act, right here in Seattle. With the federal government in irresponsible and dangerous hands it’s up to us to build community and resilience and power at a local and state level. On January 28th the Transit Riders Union is hosting an Action Meeting where you can learn about an ambitious and exciting campaign that is in the works right now, and sign up to get involved. Meet in the large Hall 1 of the Labor Temple, 2800 1st Ave, at 2:00 PM.

Washington State has the #1 most regressive tax system in the nation. That means the poorest people pay the highest percentage of their income in state and local taxes – basically, Seattle and Washington State are tax havens for the wealthy. As a result we can’t adequately fund basic prerequisites of civilization, like education for our children.

And now, we’re all waiting to see what Trump’s administration is going to attack first. The Affordable Care Act is already on the chopping block. What’s next? Workers and their unions? Immigants? Social security and medicare? Foodstamps?

It’s time to act. We can help defend Seattle against Trump, set an example for other cities, AND pave the way to overhauling our state’s regressive tax system. If wealthy people with incomes over $200K contributed more fairly to our community, Seattle could raise hundreds of millions of dollars each year for affordable housing, transit, education, and green jobs. This will be a massive grassroots effort. We need you!

Holiday Victory Party @ Optimism Brewing Co.

Celebrate a year of successful campaigns with the Transit Riders Union!

Wednesday, November 30th
6:00 – 8:00 PM

@ Optimism Brewing Company
1158 Broadway, Seattle 98122

Corner of Broadway & Union, served by the
First Hill Streetcar, Metro routes 2, 9, 10, 11, 12, 43, 49, 60
Five blocks south of the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station

Suggested Donation $1 – $20 Sliding Scale
Complementary light refreshments & mini-beer
No one turned away for lack of funds
Kid & dog friendly

Happy Hour with Nick Licata to Support TRU

On Thursday, September 29th, former Seattle Councilmember Nick Licata will be hosting a Happy Hour Fundraiser to support the Transit Riders Union, 5-7 PM in Pioneer Square.

This event free to attend, but please note that guests will be asked to make a meaningful donation (suggested donation $75-$150) to support TRU’s work. (If you can’t contribute money but still want to help out, please email us at about volunteer opportunities.)

Space is limited, so RSVP today by going to our Evite page: or on Facebook:

Special thanks to our co-hosts:
WA Representatives Frank Chopp and Jessyn Farrell;
King County Councilmember Larry Gossett;
Seattle City Councilmembers Mike O’Brien, Kshama Sawant, and Lisa Herbold; and
Michael Maddux

Petition Delivery: Transit Access for All!

Join transit riders at 2:00 PM in the park just to the south of King County Courthouse for a brief rally before we go as a group to deliver petitions and letters to County Executive Dow Constantine!

Thousands of people in King County rely on tickets from service providers to ride the buses and light rail. This includes low-income youth, students, seniors, homeless people, veterans, and refugees. But there are never enough tickets.

Mobility is a human right. We are asking King County to:

1. Make more tickets available and lower the “match price” that human service agencies pay from 20% to 10% so that can afford to buy enough tickets for the people they serve.

2. Start working on a very low-cost monthly pass for very low-income riders. Calgary, Canada just started offering a sliding-scale pass costing as little as $5.15 per month! We can do that here!

Affordability & Access Discussion @ City Hall

The Transit Riders Union will be participating in a discussion on transit access and affordability with the Seattle City Council’s Sustainability & Transportation Committee. How can we make Seattle a city where cost isn’t a barrier to anyone who needs to ride public transit? Come join us! Our part of the meeting will probably start around 2:45pm, and there will be public comment either before or after the discussion.

2016 Solidarity Summit on Affordable Transit

Seattle and King County are at the forefront of a growing movement for mass public transit that is affordable and accessible to all. Just in the past few years, low-income transit riders, public school students, college students, workers, social service providers, and homeless people have organized and won important victories.

And yet, we still have a long way to go. You’re invited to participate in a community assembly on July 26th as we celebrate the progress that’s been made, discuss campaign efforts now underway, envision a future of universally affordable mass transit, and build momentum for new wins this fall!

Solidarity Summit Program

11:45 am Doors open, Socializing and Refreshments
12:00 pm Welcome & Introductions
12:15 pm Panel discussion with audience questions
1:15 pm Break & Mingle
1:30 pm Workshops
2:15 pm Break & Mingle
2:30 pm Report-backs & Action Plans