Responding to the coronavirus crisis

March 30, 2020

Are you still riding public transit? Take our short survey!

Even as much of Washington state is shut down, many people – including hospital and grocery workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis – still rely on public transit every day. Are you still riding transit? If so, is it meeting your needs? Take this short rider survey we put together in collaboration with Transportation Choices Coalition, to help us understand how we can advocate for you right now.

We’re asking Seattle to step up

Together, we can make a huge difference to how Seattle gets through this incredibly tough time. We can come out on the other side stronger and better able to support one another, with more robust social programs, a more progressive tax system, and a more powerful movement. Here are three actions you can take now, and some lists of resources if you need help.

TRU is working with allies and calling on local, state, and national leaders to act urgently to support everyone impacted by this crisis, whether it’s people losing their livelihoods, workers on the front lines who need better protections, or people experiencing homelessness who are even more vulnerable and forgotten than usual right now. The City of Seattle is in a position to step up and make a big difference. We’re asking Seattle elected officials to step up and pass a local economic relief package, with major new progressive revenue such as a tax on large corporations, to provide flexible funds and prevent a downward spiral. You can help by taking a moment to email the Council and Mayor.

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