Housing For All Campaign Launch 2018 – Wed., Jan. 31

January 14, 2018

6:00 – 8:00 PM
Wednesday, January 31st
Seattle Labor Temple, Hall 1
2800 1st Ave, Belltown
Venue is wheelchair accessible

(Note change in date, time and location from what was previously posted)

We are at a crossroads in Seattle’s history. As population and housing costs surge, the inseparable crises of homelessness, housing insecurity, and displacement deepen.

We can’t solve these crises without far more affordable housing. In order to meet the need, Seattle must build approximately 20,000 more homes affordable to low-income families and individuals in the next ten years .

Due to pressure from the Housing For All Coalition, the City Council has formed a Progressive Revenue Task Force to recommend funding sources, such as a tax on big businesses, to create new housing, shelter and services without further taxing working and poor people.

We can win this by the end of March – but only with your help. Join us on January 31st to learn more, get involved, and take actions that day that advance the campaign!

One thought on “Housing For All Campaign Launch 2018 – Wed., Jan. 31

  1. Nancy Hansen

    Letter emailed to all 5 Republican members of the House Finance Committee:

    I am writing as a 4th generation Washingtonian spanning 123 years counting my grandchildren. Never before has Washington seen anything like this as far as people without roofs over their heads. You may not be quite aware of this unprecedented situation since you likely do not often walk the streets in the greater Seattle area, but I can assure you that this is truly as bad as it could get. We used to have homeless people, not to the extent now, but there were buildings in the downtown area to accommodate them. With these all bought by large corporations, there really is no place to go for those wanting to work, and also, those unable to work.

    I hope you will help bring us back to a more sane era, as before the 1970’s, when Republicans were more responsible as far as reasonable attitudes towards those less fortunate. Democrats certainly cannot be blamed for this unspeakable situation in our state. Thank you, as a member of the House Finance Committee, for moving HB2437 to a vote.

    (I believe it is needed to point out to them why these things are never getting fixed and that they cannot turn around and blame Dems. in their private news media later.)

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