WTF (Where’s The Funding), Olympia?! – Rally July 20th

July 8, 2013


The Washington State Legislature failed to pass any local transit funding option this session.  As a result, Metro is now preparing to cut 17% of bus service.

It’s time to get organized.  As a first step, TRU and allies are organizing  a rally and demonstration for Saturday, July 20 to ask the resounding question, “WTF, Olympia? (This, as we all know, stands for Where’s The Funding, Olympia?)   But we know transit riders aren’t the only ones who got the short end of the stick.  We are asking all individuals and organizations who are fed up with these misleaders in Olympia to step forward.

Do you have a grievance against the State Legislature? Bring it along!  We’ll be collecting a busload of grievances to send to certain state legislators. Together our combined voices will echo in the halls of power.

What? A rally and demonstration to express our dissatisfaction with our State Legislature

When? Saturday, July 20, 12:00 pm

Where? City Hall Park, 450 3rd Avenue (south side of King County Courthouse)

Who? Everyone with a grievance

Why? It’s time to get organized!

2 thoughts on “WTF (Where’s The Funding), Olympia?! – Rally July 20th

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  2. Gloria

    I just moved back to Seattle from Tacoma and would hate to see the public transportation turn into the mess that Tacoma has. The bus system in Seattle was the major factor in my moving back this month. I depend on the bus and light rail for all of my transportation needs along with thousands of others.

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