Funeral March for the Ride Free Area

September 11, 2012

Save the date! On Friday, September 28, the last day of free rides downtown, the Transit Riders Union is planning a Funeral March to commemorate and protest the elimination of the Ride Free Area. There will be a real brass band, and some other surprises… and we’ll be marching to the County Courthouse to deliver our petition! Wear your best funeral clothes.  Help us spread the word! Facebook event page here.

  • 3:00 pm:  Rally at Westlake Park
  • 3:30 pm:  March down 3rd Avenue sidewalk to the County Courthouse
  • 4:30 pm:  Petition delivery and march back up 3rd Avenue

So far we’ve collected over 1,300 signatures on our petition asking the County Council to save the Ride Free Area. We don’t expect them to listen before the end of the month – but afterward, when the negative effects of eliminating the RFA begin to sink in, we may be able to pressure them to reconsider.

Join the Funeral March and show the County Council that transit riders are not ready to say RIP to the RFA!

Sign our email petition if you haven’t already, and share the link:

8 thoughts on “Funeral March for the Ride Free Area

  1. Ryan

    I hope there are far more of us excited about getting rid of the free ride zone. I will be celebrating its end and invite those who support Seattle Metro to join me at Olympic Sculpture Park for a celebration, not a protest.

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  4. meighan

    Excited? Why? A no income transient living in a shelter in pioneer square is now going to have to magically come up with $5 to get to and from the soup kitchens and service centers in belltown. A family of three living in Madison valley now has to shell out over $30 for the bus fares to go to Seattle center for the day (paying for each bus and all three family members). Our taxes already pay for the bus along with car tab fees. Now we pay through the nose due to fare hikes. People whom are disabled live on disability which isn’t a lot of income at all. How are they to afford the bus fares on a fixed income? Seniors too? If we must pay for each ride reduce the fare to $1 and make the system more efficient. Heck using biodiesel would be better for us all as it ends our dependence on oil.

  5. Ding

    What a super inconsiderate idea to block the major bus lane on a Friday afternoon when most hard working people just trying to get home.


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